The Loves Visit the Bermuda Botanical Garden

If there was one thing that I wanted to do once we landed in Bermuda, it was to visit the Bermuda Botanical Gardens  . It was practically all I could think about during the days leading up to our trip, a family cruise to Bermuda. So, after docking and making our way down the gangplank onto the warf, my family and I went in search of the gardens.

It was August and it was hot. I was actually suprised at just how hot it was, considering Bermuda's location way out in the ocean. Having spent time in Key West, Florida and throughout the Bahamas, where in my memory cooling tropical breezes always blew, Bermuda was as hot as it gets. And fairly humid. As it turned out, Bermudians were experiencing an unusually long bout of hot, clear weather parked over the entire region, and not much breeze. Much more like mainland Florida-in-summer weather. I was determined.
After a quick trip by water taxi into Hamilton, we boarded a public bus that took us over narrow, winding roads to the garden. And this is what we saw....

The garden was a small operation with no staff in sight, although there were obvious signs of maintenance and planting going on. I think it must have been lunch time while we were there.

Hannah & Alex in the shady fern house.

Boy, was it hot. We didn't stay long, as our northern European ancestry and furnace like temps don't mix well.

Little comfort by the cool of the pool...


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