A Begining...

Gardening, which seems such an inadequate term for my relationship with plants & the quarter acre of yard that I have shaped now for over 20 years, is what I do. Mostly not by choice, I have been compelled from my earliest days to grow and collect plants. Now 44, I actually have very little control over my obsession for all things horticulture. It simply 'is' a big part of who I am.

Yes, there is my endlessly tolerant wife and two amazing children, the home in which I live, a job and all the other distractions of the day as I make my way in the world, but it all comes back to 'the plant'.
I establish this blog site with the hope of sharing my ever growing fascination and awe of the natural world. The small plot of Earth that I have called 'my garden' for two decades and the lessons learned during this time will be my begining....


  1. So, Bob, How does that Metasequoia glyptostroboides fit into the master plan of the 1/4 acre? Engulfing it by 2030??? Just curious....


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