The Front Porch - Part 2

Sunday was mild again, with the severe cold having retreated for the time being. Rain was moving in from the west, pulling warmer, moist air up from the south.

Mid winter and already many plants living on the front porch are responding to the lengthening days.

The bowea has started sending out this season's new growth, sprouting from it's oniony base, the thinnest tendril of a vine weaving it's way upward. Pushed into the soil next to it's bulbous base, the bowea finds support growing on the framework of a small, dead azalea bush. As the vine grows I wrap each days new growth around and in and out of the branches. As the thin strands continue to develop and unfurl, they fill out like fine sea-green hair.

After less than impressive results over the past two growing seasons, I have finally coaxed my veltheimia into producing it's biggest flower to date. In fact, last growing season it didn't even produce a flower, just foliage. And to my surprise this year, ta dah!


  1. Bob,I feel like I am at your house and you're givig me the tour...always enjoy glad you started to blog all that you adore! Love you and looking forward to future posts!
    -Christie Pepper


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