At Work ~ Late April

At the spring cross roads. Always a crapshoot with the weather. This year we have been delt weeks of warmer-than-usual days, mostly frost-free nights, smatterings of rain, and presto ~ plants are moving along at an accelerated pace.
Working in Dix Hills,a town located in the center of Long Island and driving home to Westhampton Beach, a coastal community 42 miles further east (out on the island's south shore) I can experience a temperature drop of up to 15 degrees by the time I get home. Last week it was sunny and 75 when I left work, dropping to 52 by the time I arrived home, fog rolling in from off the ocean.
This being said, the plants that we bring in, and how we dislpay them, is often a laugh in the face of conventional weather wisdom. Last frost dates be dammmed, here we go.


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