At Work ~ Early Spring

As much as I eagerly await spring and the adventure of another growing season's possibilities, I find that I have almost no garden time until mid to late June. Working in the horticulture industry in the northeast means seasons - and spring is the season - when it all hits the fan. Personal time is relegated to one day off per week with family & exaustion usually planning that day in full. I have learned over the years that if I don't get the yard & gardens prepped and ready by late March, the remaining chores will usually have to wait until after the madness of selling annuals & tropicals, perennials & palms tapers off and we return to a normal work week schedule.

I still bring home plenty of worthy additions to my collection, my patio and driveway brimming with the chosen, awaiting my attention and a new home somewhere in my yard. If I can keep them watered & alive until then, that is.

In the meantime, the action at work, and the inventory, give me my daily plant fix.


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