Why Do I Post?

So, I don't post with the frequency that I would like to or think that I should. I still find daily inspiration and insight from my gardening life, but rarely seem to find enough motivation to sit and go through the process of creating a post.
On one level I feel obligated to keep this blog going, but to what end. Who's actually reading or following or benefitting from my efforts? Is it me alone who gets some level of satisfaction from the process and the finished edit? Maybe that is enough.

I recently went back and read some past entries in my blog. Ouch, many are hard to read, almost like hearing my recorded voice, hard to take. Perhaps I'm being overly critical. They are what they are, a collection of photos and bits of text strung together and posted on my blog. I reread them a few times and then they sounded better. Solid information and insight written in a slightly exuberant tone. Oh well, if I'm exuberant about anything, it's plants.

So there you have it. I'm going to recommit to this endeavor and move forward with more frequent entries. It is my hope that at the very least I may be able to convey a bit of my perspective, my view of the horticultural world around me.

After all,. it's spring and I've started a new, challenging job, at a nursery and garden center opening soon on Long Island. More to come on that soon. I promise.


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